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the galleries contain original art work and photography by Lynette Arden

Photo Galleries

These Galleries of photos contain:

1. Images of people I photographed in the streets of Liverpool (UK) in the 1970's when I was a student of Graphic Design at the Liverpool Polytechnic.

2. The Norwood Pageant galleries contain photos taken of the procession from 2002 to 2005.
Norwood is a municipality of the City of Adelaide (South Australia) and the community spirit of the people is shown in this annual procession from the diverse groups that make up the community.
As it is such a large and varied procession many performers and bands come to take part in it from other parts of Adelaide as well as the local area.

Liverpool in the 1970's
Norwood Christmas Pageant 2005 preparing the performers (New)
Norwood Christmas Pageant 2005 Procession Gallery 1 (New)
Norwood Christmas Pageant 2005 Procession Gallery 2 (New)
Norwood Christmas pageant 2002-2004 gallery 1
Norwood Christmas Pageant 2002-2004 gallery 2
SA Photos Black and White













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