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The Poetry area includes concrete animated poetry.

Murals:  I have painted murals for the children's area of local libraries with scenes from  Africa and the Great Barrier Reef. There are also some details from a mural on fairies for another library and the design and Completed pictures and Painters at work on a mural at the Adelaide Zoo Volunteers' Centre.

Photo Galleries: Current galleries: Liverpool in the 1970's (U.K.) and from South Australia the Norwood Christmas Pageant for several years. Latest Norwood Pageant 2005 (I)
Norwood Pageant 2005 (2)
and Preparations for the Norwood Pageant 2005

Prose: selections from an autobiographical  work written about my childhood in a small New South Wales Country town.

Please visit the Cat Area. My cat Diamond is looking forward to a lot of visitors to look at some cat pictures and read some cat poetry.

Detail of an etching: Sefton Park
Lynette M. Arden

The links page will lead you to sites which have published my poetry on the Internet and some other favourite sites.

My other website displays extra artwork and some poetry
Lynette Arden art and poetry

Lynette runs a blog for Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group, which she convenes in Adelaide South Australia.

Haiku Bindii

Lynette Arden's poetry book A Pause in the Conversation can be previewed and purchased at the Wakefield Press web site.
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Friendly St New Poets 15

extract: PDF

Louise McKenna • A Lesson in Being Mortal

Lynette Arden • A Pause in the Conversation

Sher’ee Furtak-Ellis • Natural Intervention

My Cat Sasha has his own blog https://diamond-cat.blogspot.com.au/

He is carrying on the work started by Diamond: Cat Sage and Haiku Poet

Greeting cards on line:
Christmas Card 2007 and a happy 2008

Happy New Year 2006 View my Season's Greetings Card You will need Flash Player to view the Card

Happy Christmas 2006 to all Visitors. Please click this link for my card!

Websites designed and managed:
Australian Haiku Society
Haiku Bindii
Haiku Bindii Facebook Group
Diamond's Blog by Sasha
Princess Aurora Pond Fish
Adelaide Zoo Volunteers' Centre Rainforest Mural: pictures of the completed mural and the painters at work.

Some poems published on line

tanka in Atlas Poetica 25 Tanka Poest from Australia 2010

haiku in March 2010 edition of World Haiku Review

About Poetry Poems for Peace anthology: The Game

Lynette Arden has poems, haiku and tanka published in a number of print journals, including: The Mozzie, Valley Micropress (NZ), Blue Dog Australian Poetry, paper wasp, Yellow Moon, Eucalypt, Famous Reporter, Windfall, Ribbons (Journal of the Tanka Society of America), FreeXpression, Taj Mahal Review, Gathering (Japanese form poetry by South Australian poets), Magnapoets, The Journal of Renga and Renku and in the Anthologies 'When I was a Child', 'A Nickel's Worth of Dreams', 'Passing' and 'Just Bite Me' published by PoetWorks Press, Take Five Best Contemporary Tanka, A Vast Sky: An Anthology of Comtemporary World Haiku, 100 Tanka by Contemporary Poets of Australia and New Zealand and Third Australian Haiku Anthology. Lynette also has two poems in Little Book of Cats published by The Australian National Library and poems in the Poets Union Inc. Anthologies 'Ask the Rain' (2004) 'Sun and Sleet' (2006,) Prismatics, (2008), the Friendly St Poets Anthologies: 32 'Rewired', 33 Catchfire, 39 Singing Silver Streams (2015) and 40 Many Eyes Many Voices (2016), and in the Moncrieff U3A Anthology 2005.

Her short story Jessie was published in FreeXpression and Taj Mahal Review and some of her comments on Liverpool UK were published inVol 2 Living of the series Mersey Minis 2007. Her poetry and prose have also been published in Writers on Parade Vols 1-3 (2008 to 2010), a publication she designd and produced, Out of the Box (anthology of Adelaide U3A Writers Workshop) and recollections of 1970's Norwood in Now and Then: Stories from the Past and Present in Kensington & Norwood, a publication she also designed and produced.

In February 2011 she took part in a radio broadcast on Japanese Poetry with the Friendly St Poets Radio Adelaide program, where she gave information on the history of haiku, tanka and renga and read some of her poetry.

see also the special feature: Valentine poems :

A collection of 8 short illustrated poems to celebrate Valentine's day
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